Jonesin for some hot tamales? Look no further than Diboll's tamale festival!

There will be a tamale festival in Old Orchard Park in Diboll on Saturday, May 13th. The fun and festivities begin as 10 AM and will last until 4 PM, so come out early and don't miss any of the fun.

Local vendors will be out, so you'll most likely be able to pick up some last second Mother's Day flowers and gifts while you're there.


You don't have to say much about an event other than there will be tamales, in order to get the people to show up.

You'll be able to see dogs performing amazing feats of agility as the Houston Disc Dogs do their thing. There will be bounce houses and an entire kids area too!

The sun should be out, but the low for Saturday but early forecasts say the weather will range from 55–84°. It wouldn't hurt to bring a jacket.

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