The United Nations deals with some pretty serious business, especially in a world climate as dangerous as this one, but even so, this august body of world representatives can get pranked now and again. It just so happens that two very audacious Canadian radio talk show hosts managed to pull a fast one on U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Our comedic brethren up north called into the U.N. this week and pretended they had Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, on the line.

Apparently Ban Ki-moon fell for the bait. He'd been running around from meeting to meeting all week, and probably answering lots of calls and messages. When a call came in from someone claiming to be Stephen Harper, Ban decided to answer, which in retrospect was probably a mistake. How could he have known?

The prank was executed with perfection by the duo "The Masked Avengers.” And just so the Secretary-General doesn't feel too bad, he should now that he wasn’t their first celebrity target, and he probably won’t be their last. The Canadians have already fooled the likes of Bill Gates, Bono, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and more.

When the comedians, making use of Harper impersonator, chatted with Ban, the impersonator apologized to the Secretary-General for not attending the U.N. summit. His excuse was that he was too busy combing super glue through his thick hair, which really makes a lot of sense, because the Canadian Primer Minster is famous for his heavy and unmovable coiffure.

After the comedians started talking about hockey, in both English and French, Ban realized he was being duped. He seemed to be a good sport about the joke, for the most past, but of course with the Arab Spring, troubles in Iran, North Korean, Syria and other parts of the world to deal with, our guess is that deep down Secretary Ban probably wasn’t that thrilled at all.

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