Dateline London:  The Beauregard Daily News in Lafayette, LA reports Newton, Texas High School grad Savannah Vinsant became the first American trampolinist to EVER qualify for the finals in the Olympic Games.

Savannah says she was shocked to finish so well because that was a high standard for her to reach. "I was very pleased with all of my performances...This gives me a lot of confidence. I was the youngest competitor here and making finals really hit the pace for me. I will work to get my difficulty, time of flight and execution better so that I can be up in the medals at the next Olympics.'"

Canadian Rosie Maclennan won the gold medal. Huang Shanshan and He Wenna -- both from China -- won silver and bronze, respectively.

Even though Savannah finished in sixth place, she's happy to even be in the Olympics and proud that she did as well as she did. She says she's already looking forward to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Savannah is the two time U.S. National Champion, and while she was born in Louisiana, she lived in Newton until three years ago, when she moved back to Louisiana to train for the Olympics.

You may be interested to know that prayer is a big part of  her life.  Savannah says  she always takes time to pray before practices and competitions. She says praying clears her mind and soothes her.


Savannah talks about her experience at the Olympic Games:

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