There are so many different breeds of dogs in the world. And it seems like you can find every single one of those breeds right here in Texas. Which breed is your favorite?

My favorite breed of dog is the German Shepherd. I've never owned one myself, but I've had friends and family members that have owned them. They come across as the most loyal dogs that you could find. Plus, they're big. I'm a fan of bigger dogs.


However, I'm not opposed to other breeds. For example, my very first dog was a Golden Retriever. It was my companion for about eight years. Truly, one of the sweetest dogs - actually, one of the sweetest pets in general. I'll always have a soft spot for goldens.


But, I'm not opposed to smaller breeds either. My parents have actually owned a miniature poodle for over 10 years, and that's one of the coolest little dogs that I've ever come across. He's a little spark plug, but he makes for a great pet.

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So, did I mention your favorite breed? I mean, since I only mentioned three, there's a pretty significant chance that I missed it. Labs, huskies, dobermans...whichever one fits you, let us know!