In honor of Father's Day, we're honoring East Texas' most overprotective dad. We've been collecting photos of dads who will always see their daughter as daddy's little girl, no matter how old she is, and now it's your turn to decide who wins!

We've narrowed the entries down to the three dads below, and you get to decide the winner. The winner of the Overprotective Father's Day contest, from Action Small Engine Repair, gets a shotgun* and a shiny new shovel -- just to keep any would-be suitors of Daddy's Little Girl -- on their toes.

You can vote once a day, so make sure to come back tomorrow! We'll announce a winner at 3 p.m. on June 23.

Dad 1:

Dad 1

Dad 2:

Dad 2

Dad 3:

Dad 3

*Or anything else you want with the $500 gift certificate you will receive from East Texas Pawn in lieu of a shotgun.

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