It's the Christmas shopping season, the weather will be warm and gorgeous, and flea markets are just plain fun. All of those things are expected to factor into huge crowds this weekend at First Monday Trade Days in Canton. It might be worth the drive.

The Economic Development Corporation in Canton says on their website that crowds on a normal Trade Days weekend can average between 250,000 and 400,000 people. There are predictions that the crowds will be on the upper end of the spectrum this weekend.

Considering the population of Canton is only 2600, that's pretty impressive! When First Monday Trade Days roll around, Canton becomes the 10th largest city in Texas.

First Monday Trade Days starts the Thursday before the first Monday of every month. Vendors have set up fruit and vegetable stands, and literally thousands of booths offering unique gifts that you can't find in the big box stores. It's furniture, toys, baby items, windmills, iron works, wall hangings, and hairpieces, plus more. Where else can you find all of that in one spot?

CNN recently named First Monday Trade Days as one of the Best in the Country. See ya there this weekend!

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