Got your fireworks yet? There are just two opportunities each year to buy fireworks in Texas - near the 4th of July, and new New Year's Eve. Business is good right now at local fireworks stands.

Even though there has been some recent moisture, it's been another dry year. And fireworks and piles of dry leaves don't mix.

Texas A&M Forest Service officials are sending out the reminder that its important to take precautions as we ring in the new year. Even those little hand-held sparklers can pose a problem if the sparks hit dry grass and leaves. Those in the know advise that you have a bucket of water handy so you can fully extinguish fireworks. And stay far away from buildings of course. And check for burn bans.

Fireworks are banned inside both Lufkin and Nacogdoches city limits, so residents shouldn't be hearing any pops. If you do, report them.