Think those expensive "E-Cigarettes" aren't as harmful to your health as the tobacco variety?  Don't tell that to the Florida man who had his teeth blown out when an E-Cigarette exploded in his face. Really.


This happened in the town of Niceville, Florida, not far from Pensacola.  Tom Holloway, a photographer and father of three, was smoking the e-cigarette when it exploded, sending super hot debris that melted anything it touched across the room.

A neighbor says Holloway had lung problems and had been smoking e-cigarettes for about two years.  She says when it exploded in his face, "it knocked out all his teeth and (tore off) part of his tongue.  He had blood all over his face, and it set the study on fire."

Fire investigators  think the cigarette's battery caused the explosion.  They say when it ignited "it was like he was holding a bottle rocket in his mouth."

They also say this was the first time they've ever heard of anything like this, and they were amazed that something so small could cause such serious injuries and do so much damage.

via Battery thought to be cause of e-cigarette blast -

Remember this story the next time you see one of those commercials that advertise how safe and healthy e-cigarettes are compared to tobacco cigarettes.

The warnings are true.  Smoking IS hazardous to your health. Something tells us Tom Holloway is now a believer, and a former smoker.