The only job better than eating Nutella straight out of the jar with a spoon might be this one --- getting paid $10,000 to travel around for two weeks and eat barbecue.  Wanna do it?

Making ten grand in two weeks sounds pretty sweet, and a lot of us might be willing to clean toilets or lift a lot of heavy objects to rake in that kind of cash.  Turns out, all we have to do is eat!

Reynolds Wrap is looking for a Chief Grilling Officer, and this person gets to travel around the US looking for the best grilling tips and techniques, and write about it on and post pictures on the company's social media pages.  There's a $10,000 stipend in it for you, pre-paid travel and lodging for you and a guest. I'm sure you'll have plenty of takers on that coveted guest slot.

Sounds like fun.  But do you think you'll discover any barbecue that's better than the brisket and smoked chicken that we crank out in Texas?  I doubt it!  If you have to go to Kansas City or Charlotte, North Carolina on your quest to find the best grilling techniques, at least you can make some money for sampling all of those surgary or vinegary sauces that pale in comparison to the dry rubs that Texas is famous for.  Then bring those tips back to the pitmasters in Texas so we can continue to rule the barbecue world.

Apply for the gig HERE by submitting 100 words on why you think you would be the ultimate Chief Grilling Officer and a photo of your favorite grilling recipe.  The deadline is August 13th.

And we'll keep watching for your grilling posts in the backyard because that's fun too. And we don't have to leave East Texas.

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