It's a love-hate relationship with those little liquid nitrogen-soaked cereal balls that make you look like you have dragon's breath when you eat them.  Kids love 'em and many parents, well...not so much!  Because they're expensive.

My girls heard the buzz about Dragon's Breath and wanted to try some, so we went out one day after school and bought some of those pricey little balls.  The cereal itself would probably cost fifty cents if we bought a similar amount at a grocery store, but since they're adding liquid nitrogen and the experience factor, we paid $7.50 for one container that was about the size of a Red Solo Cup.  I made all three of my girls split a cup because I didn't feel like forking over $22.50 for three mounds of smoking cereal.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

The girls said they were "good."  They followed the instructions to stab a cereal ball with a long toothpick and blow on it as if they were eating something hot to avoid freezer burn in their mouths.  They popped a ball into their mouths, started chewing, and smoke came out.  Not every time but most times.  And it only lasted for a second or so.

As the one who paid the bill and watched this mini food circus, I was a lil unimpressed.  Three or four bucks for a cup might have made it better, but $7.50 is sandwich and chicken strip territory and I would have much rather filled the kids up with one of those options for the price.  Dragon's Breath was fun once, but we won't likely be doing it again.

Maybe that's the reason there was nobody at the stand when we were there.  Is this a one-and-done treat?  I'd love to know what you think.

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