Gardening sure does take time, skill, and patience. If you can hold up the fort while working full time, caring for the kids, putting food on the table, AND garden earns you a standing ovation. But either way props to you for caring about nature if you garden or pay someone else to do it. In the Eastside of town near the Vista Hills Country Club, there are houses that show they use the same gardener. They seem like they would belong in the movie Edward Scissorhands by the looks of their front yard. There are more than a few houses that have perfectly shaped trees and bushes in their front yards. The house I first came across is the one you will see above that reminded me of my childhood. The perfectly trimmed tree reminded me of when my cousin and I would take a break from walking home. We sometimes took a break under what we called the “mushroom tree” on our way home. I admire how one can upkeep nature while multi-tasking everything else life has to offer. Place your vote down below if you're a plant killer or extender.

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