I may lose a lot of respect after this, but hey, at least I'm honest.

Before we dive in, let me say that I've never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, alright? Don't get me wrong, I feel like I can hang with most people on an intellectual level, but I'm no genius, and have often been mocked for the things I don't know.

This mockery spans many genres including the many major movies I've never watched or even heard of. I get made fun of for the big movies I've never watched on pretty much a weekly basis.

On a more specific and painful note, last year the office was shocked at my revelation that I didn't know woodpeckers actually existed. I had never seen one prior to one appearing in our studio's backyard, and I had always just assumed a woodpecker was a cartoon bird. That was a tough one that I still haven't lived down. I probably never will.

Now before I tell you what I learned today, I want to make one thing absolutely clear... I have the highest IQ in the building. Trust me, we've taken many online tests and I win every time. You know how accurate online IQ tests are, right?

Anyways, today I learned about tornado watches vs. tornado warnings. Of course, our area is under a tornado watch until later this evening, so it's been a topic of discussion. I had always, since I was a kid, believed a tornado watch was way way way more serious than a tornado warning.

It wasn't until today that I had it wrong all these years. Luckily, or I guess unluckily, I have a reason for believing this. An explanation for my stupidity, if you will. When I was very young, my father told me that a tornado watch is more serious than a warning. I remember him vividly telling me that a warning means it might happen and you've been warned, while a watch means people have physically watched the tornado on the ground.

LOL, I'm honestly laughing at myself just reading that. I guess it's never something I ever second-guessed until today.



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