A Houston woman is blaming a so-called "Smart Electric Meter" for a fire that destroyed her home.


Houston TV station KHOU reports maybe the meter started the fire, but then again, maybe it didn't.  It depends upon whom you ask.

Jaclynn Harwood says yes it did, and Houston Fire Department investigators agree with her.

Their official report says the fire was caused by “an unspecified electrical malfunction in the electrical meter”.

Centerpoint Energy, which has installed more than 2 million meters in the Houston area, says Harwood's meter was installed more than a year ago, and it was working fine before the fire, but it will investigate the incident.

Here in east Texas, TXU and Oncor have installed hundreds of thousands of the new high-tech Smart Meters.  There have been no reports of any fires or other serious problems with them, so far.

See video of what happened to Jaclynn Harwood's house at KHOU TV Houston.