Like everything else, have UFO's evolved over the years?

This one is a classic UFO from the 1950's.  Are they triangular now?

Aviation experts still aren't sure what it was, but they're continuing to look at photos to try to figure out what the triangular-shaped object was that flew over part of Texas recently.  And the online speculators are having a heyday with it.

A couple of weeks ago there was an odd, triangular-shaped object that flew over US airspace near Amarillo.

Was it a UFO?

Some say it could have been a classified military aircraft, but it wasn't a B-52 stealth bomber as previously thought, because it was more boomerang-shaped than those tend to be.

Whatever it was, it flew over Amarillo International Airport on March 10th.  Click the link above to see the photo and learn more.  Who knows!

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