What's up with Dez Bryant?  The former Lufkin Panther, Oklahoma State Cowboy and current Dallas Cowboy can't stay out of trouble.  It's reported that Bryant has had another run-in with the law.


The Lufkin News reports Bryant was arrested Saturday in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto and charged with misdemeanor Domestic Violence.  Desoto police haven't released any details of the incident that led to the charge.

Bryant's life off the field is a laundry list of legal problems. Among other things, he's facing lawsuits filed by jewelers who say he bought tons of expensive jewelry for himself and friends but has never paid for any of it.

On top of that, he's accused of having someone forge his signature on legal documents in one of the lawsuits.

Last year Bryant and several friends made news when they were kicked out of a pricey Dallas mall because their "gangsta" style clothes violated the mall's dress code.

It seems fairly clear that Dez Bryant, like many highly paid professional athletes, just has too much free time in the off-season, and too much money.  He acts like someone who doesn't think the laws and rules apply to him, and he needs to grow up.