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The asinine things that some people do to animals just blow my mind. It is truly unbelievable how some people can treat God's creatures the way they do, especially domesticated ones, knowing they depend upon us, humans, to properly feed and care for them. They aren't 'wild' like skunks, raccoons, giraffes, alligators, elephants, and buffalo. And the fact that someone can just do this to any kind of dog is completely mind-boggling and outrageous.

It happened Monday morning in Whitehouse, Texas, a woman driving along FM 346 noticed a dog crate just sitting alongside a driveway by the road and something inside her told her to turn around and check that kennel to see if there was actually a dog in it and sure enough there was.

We all know how hot it's been around here lately, with temperatures in the 100s and heat index values of 106 and up. This type of heat is dangerous, not only to us but to animals too, especially ones that are left in a crate on the side of the road in direct sunlight.

Leandra Bissell tells KETK that when she looked inside the crate there looked to be a pitbull. She says,

I got out, looked at it, made sure it was still alive and breathing. I could tell it was distressed and hot. The poor thing was soiled in its kennel.

After giving the dog some water, she called the Whitehouse Police Department to report the abandoned crated dog. Whitehouse Police Captain Frank Brewer showed up and took possession of the terrified dog. KETK reports that Captain Brewer took the dog to have it checked out by a vet and then to the police department until the owner hopefully arrives to claim the dog. If that doesn't happen within a couple of days the dog will be turned over to Smith County Animal Control.

Whoever is responsible for leaving this animal on the side of the road should feel guilty and completely ashamed of themselves. If you can't care for an animal properly, you should just surrender your animal to a shelter or rescue facility or find someone else that would care for the animal since you no longer want that responsibility. Leaving them in the heat in a kennel on the side of the road is just cruel. For that reason, this person should be held accountable for their actions.

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