House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer says voters have no one to blame but themselves for the partisan bickering and standoffs that has grid-locked Congress this year.

The Maryland Democrat says voters are “absolutely right” in thinking “Congress isn’t working very well.”  But, that dysfunction, he says, is largely of their own making.

“The American people have every right to be angry [and] disappointed by the performance of the Congress,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol.

“Of course, the American people have also elected people with hard stances, so that to some degree the American people are realizing the results of their votes.

“If elections have consequences — which I think they do — some of those consequences are getting what you vote for,” Hoyer added.

“In this case, many people voted for people who thought compromise was not something that they ought to participate in.”

Hoyer is right.  Voters are ultimately most responsible for what's happening and not happening in Washington.  We elected our lawmakers, and we're getting the governance we voted for.

It's been said that if we want good government, we should elect people who understand and respect the power of compromise, and are willing to work out compromises that do the greatest good for the country.