Dallas Cowboy teammates surprised Dak Prescott with a "Happy Birthday" serenade last Saturday at training camp, but that wasn't the biggest surprise of the day.  One big fan got by security to lay a big hug on Dak, and follow it up with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory.

Dak's father, Nathaniel (who goes by Nat), popped up in Oxnard, California last Friday to surprise Dak with a hug at training camp the day before his 24th birthday.  After that, the two went to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate, and then back to training camp the next day.

Sports Day says it was a year ago that Nat was driving an Austin city bus, and his buses started filling up when fans got wind that he was Dak Prescott's dad.  Now Nat lives in Frisco about five miles from Dak, and his job is to take care of Dak's dogs, Legend and The Goat.  And text Dak before each game, I'm sure.  Nat told Sports Day that he texted his son last year before every game, and just told him to be Dak.  And he would get a text back that said, "Pops, I don't know how to be anything else."

And Cowboy fans are grateful that Dak is Dak.  We can't help but love Dak, and now Nat.  And once we get to know Dak's brothers Jace and Tad, we'll love them too for their football family influence and for not wanting to waste extra syllables on first names. This family is efficient, just like Dak on the field on a Sunday afternoon.

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