There's nothing better than going to a game and catching a foul ball. There's nothing worse than going to a game and blowing a golden opportunity to catch one.

A man attending a Texas Rangers-Miami Marlins game in Arlington on Tuesday couldn't handle a foul ball that came his way, sending his disappointed son into a state of gloom that is right in line with cheering on the Rangers, who can do no better than flirting with .500 this season.

To be fair, the dad looks like he'd be better suited to be in the gallery at the Masters, so maybe the national pastime is not his first love. He also suffered the indignation of losing his beer -- all while sitting in a section that's about as crowded as a bus depot on Christmas Day.

The real loser here, though, is the kid, who is simply crushed his dad couldn't reel in the ball. You know, there comes a point when a child realizes his father is not perfect. You just don't expect it to happen at such a young age in front of cameras.

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