It's been learned that the Pennsylvania District Attorney who decided against prosecuting a former Penn State assistant football coach on child rape charges has been missing without a trace since 2005.

Many of D-A Ray Gricar's friends wonder why he  never prosecuted former coach Jerry Sandusky 13 years ago, because Gricar was known for being fiercely independent and hard on crime, and his fellow prosecutors still think he had a good case against Sandusky.

But, we'll never know the answer to that, because Gricar disappeared in 2005. His body was never found and he was declared dead in July of this year

Gricar’s friend, Montour County District Attorney Robert Buehner Jr., says if Gricar committed suicide, he would have wanted his body found.  But no evidence of foul play was ever found and no suspects have ever been turned up.

DA Who Never Charged Sandusky Has Been Missing Since 2005 | NBC Philadelphia.

This is just one of a number of things that make the Penn State sex abuse story so compelling.  The D-A who could have prosecuted the alleged abuser is missing and presumed dead.  And now the legendary head coach and school president who never reported the abuse to police have both been fired in disgrace.