You knew it would happen. Dak Prescott has one bad game and with Tony Romo healthy and sitting on the sidelines, some fans are pushing for Romo's return.

Should it happen?

No!  Ok, that's no professional analysis.  But it's a thought starter.

Every athlete goes through rough patches that they need to work through on their own, and pulling any athlete during that sensitive time sabotages confidence and makes them second guess every move from there on out.  So don't do it, Cowboys, don't flinch.

We don't think they will.  But the fact that Dak Prescott suffered a loss last weekend and didn't have the usual sensational stuff, has given the interweb some ammunition for chatter about bringing Romo back.

The Cowboys play the Buccaneers on Sunday night, and with five straight wins, Tampa Bay is on a serious hot streak that could mean trouble.  But don't you feel like the Cowboys will be so ready to rebound from the loss to the Giants, that it won't matter one bit who the opponent is?  They'll be ready to roll over someone.

With Dak Prescott at the helm.