I'll always be down to try something new. I have tried all the wild game that I can think of. If someone says they're grilling some delicious elk I'm there. I love Ostrim sticks which are made with ostrich meat, basically, nothing is off-limits at the table. One of the better meals of my life that I can remember was a meal featuring shark meat. I saw shark meat on the menu in Santa Cruz and had to try it, no regrets on that front.

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I do have some hard limits, I can't bring myself to eating nutria rats or squirrels. I have a hard stop when it comes to that. Could I bring myself to eat a snake if it's on the menu? A python to be more specific. According to CNN, a growing predator in the Florida everglades may be introduced to several menus if scientists decide they are in fact safe to eat.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is working alongside the Florida Department of Health to find out if pythons can be consumed safely. They are currently investigating the mercury levels found in pythons. If both agencies agree that pythons are good to go, they may be ending up on the menu the next time you visit Florida for a family vacation.

So, basically, the predator becomes the prey. Although pythons are nonvenomous, they are extremely dangerous and are not native to the wildlife in the everglades. Many experts believe that the pythons started taking over around the 1980s when python owners found it easier to release the snake into the wild instead of rehoming them. So naturally, 40 years later, this whole python in the wild has become a serious problem.

Could a delicious python taco be what solves the growing problem in Florida? Don't ask us, we still can't solve the nutria rat problem in the south. Good luck Florida!

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