This might be the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever heard of in my life as a woman from Quitman, Texas was arrested after spitting on a corpse at the Tyler Memorial Funeral Home. While I have no idea what led up to this incident but in the end Laurie Lynn Hinds of Quitman, Texas was arrested and charged with Abuse of Corpse which is a felony. 

This incident took place months ago, but Hinds was just arrested for the horrible act, after speaking with the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and reaching out to the Tyler Memorial Funeral Home we got more of the details. This horrible display of disrespect took place on Monday, November 29th and law enforcement was made aware of it immediately.  

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It Took a Month for the Warrant to be Issued 

Due to a heavy case load it took Smith County Prosecutors a little over a month to issue the warrant which took place on January 4th. And officers have only been actively searching for suspects with warrants that have to do with violent crimes, that is why Hinds had a warrant from January until June 5th when she finally turned herself in to law enforcement. 

Hines Was Only in Jail Overnight Then Released 

The warrant was issued out of Smith County but Hinds turned herself into the Wood County Sheriff’s Office and spent one night in jail before she was released on a $2,500 Cash Bond. Although there could be more jail time in her near future when she does face the judge on this very serious charge. 

After reaching out to the Tyler Memorial Funeral Home it is their policy to not comment on cases that are active.  

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