The Confederate Flag that was raised last week at the Anderson County Courthouse in Palestine has been taken down by the group that raised it. Anderson County Commissioners voted to allow the flag to be flown through April to honor Texans who died in the Civil War.

The mayor of Palestine called an emergency meeting to ask commissioners to reverse their decision and take down the flag.  Before the meeting started, it was learned that the flag had been taken down by the John H. Reagan Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In a statement to Palestine city council the Camp said the flag was taken down "to defuse the tensions, allow the city and county officers to return to business, and to promote the peace and harmony that parties opposed and supporting claim to seek."

The group blamed the news media for creating the controversy with negative and biased reporting of the flag and defaming those whose only intention was to honor their ancestors who died fighting for what they believed in.

Kenneth Davidson, President of Palestine-Anderson County chapter of the NAACP says raising the Confederate Flag over the courthouse isn't the way to honor ancestors.

The flag in question was the official flag of the Confederate States of America,  also called "The Stars and Bars Flag".  It's not the more familiar and highly controversial Confederate battle flag, with two bars of stars crossing and forming a giant X.