Jim Bell's commentaries on Hispanics leading the growth in 2010 Census, and the LISD giving bonuses for resignations.

Listen to them after the fold.

Hispanics Lead Growth in 2010 Census:

LISD Bonuses:

Jim Bell is an award winning news broadcaster who recently retired after 45 years in the radio business. Over those years he played music and put news on the air at stations in Houston, Austin, the Texas State Network in Fort Worth, NBC Radio in New York, and several stations in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches area in the 1980s. When he retired he and his wife moved out of Houston and back to Lufkin because it's Jim's ancestral home, and because they both love living in a small town. Jim says they wouldn't trade the life they have in Lufkin for anything a big city has to offer.