Do you have a favorite "fable" character?  Of course you do.  "Santa"?  The "Tooth Fairy"?  A lucky "Leprechaun"?  The  "Easter Bunny"?

My parents would spin the wildest tales regarding these celebrities, and little sister and I would stare aimlessly into space with big eyes and open mouths, digesting each word, just so we could tell the same story to our friends.

My daddy was a hippie of sorts, even though he was pushing middle thirties in the middle 60s, so when Easter '67 came around and there was no "basket", or "chocolate covered eggs", I inquired as to hop-a long's whereabouts.  My Mon chimed in, "sorry kids, but the Easter Bunny is going to be a little late this year".  I then asked, why?  That's when my daddy snapped, "because he smoked all the grass in his Easter basket".

The Easter Bunny will not be arriving late at Millard's Crossing Historic Village during the 10th annual Easter Egg Hunt, when it gets underway on Sunday, March 24 at 2 p.m.

Bring that Easter basket for your kids and/or grandchildren.  Family members should bring lawn chairs.  Don't forget the old fashioned camera, or today's tech toy smart phone for those "Kodak" moments, as there is sure to be plenty.

Millard's Crossing is located on U.S. Highway 59 North, about one-half mile North of Loop 224.  Gate admission is only $2 per person with proceeds going towards the operation of the programs at the location.  More details can be obtained by calling 936-564-6631.



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