Ah yes spring is in the air, and so are all those things a lot of people are allergic to.  Spring in the Piney Woods is always tough on people with allergies, but there's an usual profusion of allergens in the air this year, and those who specialize in such things say we're all in for an especially "sneezy" and miserable allergy season.


The mild winter and recent rains have led to a profusion of blooming blossoms in East Texas.  Longview allergist Dr. Todd Holman says they're lovely to look at, but not so wonderful for people with allergies.

“Because the winter was so mild, a lot of the plants that would normally have gone dormant didn’t do so...This is shaping up to be a very aggressive allergy season.”

Holman says the tree pollen count has been high in recent weeks and will probably continue to cause problems for allergy sufferers until mid-May, he says. After that, however, grass pollen will be at its peak until the end of June.  July should provide a brief respite, before ragweed starts to blossom in August.

Holman says most people who suffer from mild to moderate seasonal allergies can get relief with over-the-counter medications.  If the OTC meds don't do the job, Holman recommends seeing a doctor and getting a stronger prescription medication or some other treatment to help them get through the allergy season.

“There are medications that can help, so people shouldn’t just settle for months on end of sneezing and watery eyes, but they should try some simple solutions first.”


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