It's true.  Botox does a lot more than just smooth out facial wrinkles and make you look younger.  Doctors at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston are using Botox to help stroke victims regain control of their hands and arms.


The problem is called "spasticity", which the Stroke Association says is the mother of all "charley horses.”

Brain injury from stroke often causes upper limb muscles to contract tightly and freeze permanently in an abnormal and painful position.

There are treatments for spasticity, and now, TIRR has added Botox to its bag of tricks.

TV and movie actor Henry "The Fonz" Winkler visited TIRR recently on a national speaking tour for the Open Arms Campaign, talking about how Botox has helped his mother regain some control of her arms after suffering a debilitating stroke ten years ago.

Winkler told Houston TV station KTRK that he has seen -- up close and personally -- what Botox can do for stroke victims, and he praised TIRR for using it and giving it a high profile in treating muscle spasticity.

Comedians get a lot of mileage out of Botox jokes, but the damage caused by strokes cause is nothing to laugh about.  Botox has proven to be a miracle drug for treating some of those problems.