Move over Spudd Webb!

There is a new basketball sensation who has taken Nacogdoches by storm.

According to KTRE, Reese Turner is a junior at Cushing High School and even though he stands 4 feet tall he is the “BIG” man on the basketball court.

Turner is a special individual as he was diagnosed with dwarfism, but he was always in love with the game of basketball and he isn’t letting his height stop him from living his dream.

Recently, Turner posted a 30 second clip of his skills and I was utterly amazed.


The clip has gained attention through retweets and it spread like wildfire to even Yahoo Sports acknowledged his skills.

Even though of his height difference he doesn’t feel any different from any other players while on the court,

I come in with a chip on my shoulder, but once I hit the first three they are like, whoa we better step up on this guy because he can actually shoot!

Turner hopes to play varsity next year and by the way he’s playing it will be a no brainer.

He hopes that his story will inspire others to look past his height and look at his heart.

Reese is definitely living LARGE these days and by the looks of it he will be an inspiration to others.



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