The news came out back in January that Baxter Black was in hospice care. It was not the hospice care that we were used to hearing about. At the time he was just having healthcare workers coming over to take care of him.

It sounded promising. So we just hoped that we wouldn't hear news like this so soon. The sad news came from his son-in-law Will over the weekend on his Facebook page:

Yesterday, June 10th, my father-in-law Baxter Black passed away. I couldn’t have been more fortunate than having strayed into his outfit. I’ll always cherish our years of discussing our beef cattle industry and the experiences we had together. We appreciate all the prayers coming in from friends and comments from his fans. They’re overwhelming, to say the least.

Baxter Black had a way with words. You could catch these words on local Amarillo radio. He also had a column in the Amarillo Globe-News. We looked forward to hearing the topics he had to talk about here in Amarillo. They always meant something to us.

We are going to miss his wit. We are going to miss his stories. There will be no doubt that we will hear stories in the coming days. Just so much that he talked and wrote on. Luckily his stories will live on.

Thank you Baxter Black for telling that good story and keeping us wanting more. We are forever thankful for you. Rest in peace.

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