We all know the old saying:  "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."   A now former Lufkin city official has learned the wisdom of that axiom, the hard way.

Lufkin City Planner Trent Cantrell has resigned, after he was confronted by city officials who had learned that he had used his public Twitter feed to say derogatory things about the city and the region.

Cantrell had been with the city since 2009, but about a month ago, he posted the twitter message “Lufkin is an armpit. I know (...) I have to live here temporarily.”

A few months earlier he posted, “Hello there.  Just waiting for the heat to leave for good.   Of course, Deep East Texas will still be a (expletive) hole.”

Cantrell removed the posts from the online social networking site Wednesday after local media learned about the postings and went around city hall seeking comment from city officials.

via City planner who called Lufkin ‘an armpit’ in his Twitter post resigns - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

Internet experts and social observers say this story is just more proof that people should be careful about what they say about others on Twitter feeds and other social networking sites.  It can come back and bite you in a sensitive place.  It also shows it's not wise to insult people who sign your paycheck.