Finally, your prayers to the ancient Jedi have been answered: The first Baby Yoda action figures and plush toys from The Mandalorian from Hasbro are now available for pre-order at many major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, GameStop, Best Buy, and the Disney Store.

The initial offerings include two different figures, a 6.5 inch figure and a Black Series, a talking plush and two different sets of 2.2-inch collectibles from the “The Bounty Collection.”

Here are pictures of all of them for you drool over...

Yes, the Baby Yoda plush even comes with voices; you squeeze the widdle (so widdle) tummy and it activates the various Baby Yoda gurgling sounds. Plus it comes with a bowl of bone broth. Mmmmmm, bone broth. According to the press release from Hasbro, all these items begin shipping to stores in “May 2020.” So they aren’t going to be ready for Christmas, but they’re all pretty darn adorable. Now we need an adorable Nick Nolte ugnaught plush that says “I have spoken!” when you give him a hug. People don’t realize it, but Nick Nolte loves hugs.

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