The Houston Astros stink, but they don't stink nearly as much as one of their vendors.

In a sight more disturbing than their play, a fan walked into the bathroom at Minute Maid Park recently to spot a snow cone vendor doing his business in a stall…with a box of his refreshing ice creamy treats on the floor in front of him.

That’s more repulsive than the team’s ERA.

The fan captures the incident on video and while part of us thinks it’s kind of disturbing for one man to record another man on the can, we can’t help but applaud him going all Paul Blart in the name of good hygiene.

After getting wind of the vendor’s action, the Astros fired him. Unfortunately, the rest of the team seems to still be employed, despite being so far out of a first place they need a periscope just to get a glimpse of .500.

As for the cones, let’s just hope no one bought the lemon flavor because we have our doubts that it really was lemon.

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