This is one of those stories that makes you scratch your head and ask "Why?" Look, I'm a dog lover but this is absolutely ridiculous.

Michael J. Fee and Amber L. Freudenstein took a trip from Arizona to Wyoming. Cool, road trips are always nice. But, the couple put two children in the trunk of the car so their dogs could ride in the back seat according to

Yeah. Hey Michael J. Fee and Amber L. Freudenstein, ya'll are a couple of morons.

Why in any form or fashion did you think this was a good idea? First, Arizona to Wyoming is a 900 mile road trip. Granted, the kids weren't in the trunk the whole trip, but still, YOU PUT THE KIDS IN THE TRUNK!

I don't have kids myself but for some reason this idiocracy really made me mad, to put it nicely. What the hell is wrong with wrong people?

The couple has pleaded guilty to two counts each of misdemeanor child endangering.

These two are definitely dumb crooks, probably our dumb crook of the year.

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