Don't worry, the Nacogdoches location isn't shutting down. Let's go ahead and get that rumor out of the way.

I want you guys to think back to about a month ago, when we did a story on the Fuzzy's Tacos location in Lufkin closing it's doors for good. If you don't remember that, you can review the story by clicking the link below:

Today, I found out that another Fuzzy's right here in Texas is shutting down as of today. According to the Caller Times in Corpus Christi, their Fuzzy's is closing down for good. This location has had a considerably longer run, opening in August 2013. It was the only Fuzzy's in Corpus Christi. There weren't any reasons given for the closure, just that it was happening.

It makes me wonder though: Is Fuzzy's having trouble corporately? The one in Lufkin wasn't even open an entire year before it shut down. However, the one in Corpus Christi was open over seven years. Is this a trend that we will continue seeing? Or, was there just something about those two individual locations?

We'd love to hear thoughts from y'all. Do you have any insider information on this? Or, do you have any opinions on it? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

Also, let's repeat, the Nacogdoches location is doing just fine. Once more, the Nacogdoches location is not closing. Thank you.

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