Another major study has been conducted on the effectiveness of childhood vaccines, and the findings have dealt a major blow to anti-vaxxers (those who refuse to vaccinate their children).

Medical researchers at the esteemed the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, Denmark have concluded their massive study of 657,461 children, and the results are pretty surprising.  According to NBC News, 6,517 kids were diagnosed with some form of autism during the study.   After breaking down the data, including which kids had the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine (commonly referred to as the "MMR" vaccine), researchers discovered that not only did those who passed on the vaccine remain unprotected from these quite deadly diseases - they were actually more likely to develop autism as well.

The results have been published in the well respected Annals of Internal Medicine: 

children who had no childhood vaccinations were 17 percent more likely to be diagnosed with autism than kids who did get recommended vaccinations."

The study also warns against "vaccine hesitancy," or the resistance to the vaccine for the irrational fear that it will cause autism.  According to researchers, a 5% drop in community vaccine rates could triple measles cases.

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