Because of the ongoing drought, Angelina County Commissioners have voted to extend the official ban on outdoor burning, and they've also forbidden  all sales and private use of fireworks over the July 4th weekend.

The commissioners extended the burn ban for 90 days, and the ban on sale and use of fireworks will be in place until July 5.  The ban does not affect the annual 4th of July fireworks display at Ellen Trout Park.

Angelina County Judge Wes Suiter says the city's fireworks show will be allowed because the fire department will be on hand to make sure the fireworks don't cause any problems.  Other towns and communities in the county will also be allowed to have fireworks events if they can provide adequate supervision.

Fireworks stand operators aren't happy.  One operator complained they'll lose money, and besides, she's never heard of fireworks starting a fire.

via Angelina County extends burn, fireworks bans past Fourth of July - The Lufkin Daily News:.

This lady should read up on why so many cities have outlawed sale and possession of fireworks. It's because so many homes and businesses have been damaged by fires that were started by out of control fireworks.

Houston outlawed fireworks in the early 1970s, after an especially hot and dry Fourth of July, when more than two dozen houses burned down in one day. Investigations showed all the fires were started by bottle-rockets and other fireworks that landed on their roofs.

Playing with fireworks can also cause serious injuries, especially to children.  Ask any hospital ER doctor or nurse to describe the fireworks injuries they treat.