Angelina College officials have decided it's time to ban all uses of tobacco products at the school.  The new policy makes the entire AC campus, including all off-campus centers, 100 percent tobacco-free.


Starting this fall, smoking and chewing won't be allowed anywhere on the campus -- except inside a private motor vehicle.  This will include the use of "E-cigarettes" and similar devices. It also includes "chewing tobacco" and snuff.

Angelina College has not allowed smoking in its buildings for some time, but now the prohibition has been extended to the entire campus -- indoors and outdoors.

Angelina College president Dr. Larry Phillips says banning tobacco is absolutely the right thing to do, because it will "promote public health, save lives and save thousands of dollars in campus maintenance costs."

The ban covers tobacco that's smoked and smokeless tobacco that is chewed and "dipped."  This means that starting with the fall semester, you won't be allowed to smoke, chew or "dip" tobacco at AC anymore.

via Angelina College announces tobacco-free campus for fall 2012 - The Lufkin News: Local & State.