I am Hunter, like what a man does to a bear, Maule like what a bear does to a man. Hunter Maule. I’m Brad's son and frequent (behind the scenes) joke contributor.

It has come to my attention that not everyone is listening to this show and I want to remedy that. To those of you not listening but also reading this (because the internet brings people to strange places) then you should give us a listen. Its much less annoying than, well, everything else.

Oh, what’s that, you want an example? No problem. Just today we talked about a rotating circular hot pink round bed. Yeah, cool, I know, but that's just the neck of the bottle, keep drinking. There are tons of words being thrown at you from every decimal point of that digital display distracting drivers.

Alliteration is fun, huh?

But no need for mourning, there is one time of the day when you can be assured comedy is inevitable and relentless. That time is Maule in the Morning. There aren't any shows like it. It’s the only place to get the soft hitting news delivered by shenanigan loving lunatics. Ok, maybe I'm speaking of myself, but the point still stands.

While we might think what you’re saying, we also say what you’re not thinking, in a good way, because we’re insane. See wasn't that fun? Wake up, tune in and let me turn you on.

Did I not mention we’re all super attractive? We totally are. Plus all the cool kids are doing it.


Maule comma Hunter

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