Police will be hoping a woman can remember how she ended up in an Irving landfill, but no word yet if she'll be able to.  She was last seen leaving a night club Wednesday night, and was found lying in a box in the landfill Thursday morning.

A man apparently helped the woman leave the club because she needed help walking, and when the woman's friend got back with the car to pick her up, the stranger and her friend had vanished.  Someone passing by saw the woman's body in the box at the dump site this morning, and called police.

Two things come to mind here.  What happened in the hours overnight that she was missing, (police said there was no sign of sexual assault) and how must that friend feel, leaving her alone with a strange guy for a few minutes?  How quickly things can change.

Think this woman is lucky?  It doesn't seem like great luck to end up in a landfill after a night out on the town, but at least she was found before the trucks starting pulling in.