A study by a national children's advocacy group shows more than a million Texas children have no health insurance, and without it, those kids are not getting the care they need. They're also facing a dim and uncertain future.

This shocking revelation comes in the annual Kids Count survey by the non-partisan Center for Public Policy Priorities.  The report found that 1.2 million Texas children have neither private nor public health insurance.



Statistics also show almost 40 percent of Texas mothers had little or no prenatal care and that one in seven babies were born premature.

The study's authors say they hope their information will help and guide state lawmakers in shaping future health policies.

One really has to wonder why so many low income Texas children are without health insurance.  Texas has the federally funded Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid, both of which provide insurance at little or no cost for qualifying families. Most families in CHIP pay nothing.

One answer is that huge numbers of uninsured children are in this country illegally, and their parents don't enroll them in the program because they're afraid of being arrested and deported.

Officials say those fears are needless, because care is provided "no questions asked."

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