We gathered up some of our videos from Toledo Bend in the recent years to show you what you've been missing.

Here's an awesome aerial view of Cypress Bend Park and Toledo Bend with the help of some great drone work.

They say the Big Bass Splash is where amateurs win like pros, and boy are they not lying. If you need a reminder of what all can be won, click here to see the hourly payouts as well as all the other ways the anglers can go home with boats, trucks, and more cash!

Here are some PAST videos that we still enjoy.

This next video wasn't taken at Toledo Bend, but the message remains the same. Somebody has got to give the last seat holder they just got bumped off, and these ladies have perfected the art.

There are way more videos over at KICKS 105's YouTube channel. Give it a browse and mark your calendars to join us on May 19 - 21 for the 2017 Big Bass Splash Tournament on Lake Toledo Bend. You might just appear in our next video!


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