I live in constant fear that one day I won't remember what my mom was like. So I do all kinds of odd things, in her honor to make sure I never forget her legacy. I lost my mom when I was 13, there are so many things I can remember about her. I can remember her perfume, her chuckle, and her hands. Her hands could tell you a lot. If she had dirt under her nails it was a good sign, she was the queen of gardening and it meant that she was out spending time with God, planting new life and taking care of all her flowers and vegetables. To all my fellow sisters out there who cringe when they think of Mother's day because mom isn't around, I encourage you to start writing down your memories of her. Write down some of the most important things that she taught you. Here are a few things that my mother taught me.

  1. Put God first. It's a choice you have to make every day.
  2. Choose to be one of the good guys. Respect everyone. Treat the receptionist like you would treat the boss. Everyone deserves a smile from you, who knows, you could be making their day and not even realize it.
  3. Work ethic never goes out of style. No matter what you're getting paid, ALWAYS have pride in your work. Your work is a reflection of you.
  4. You become the bad guy when you quit cheering people on. If you're not encouraging people, you need to remove yourself from that situation.
  5. Love Life. Life in all forms is beautiful, from planting a rose bush to spending time with elders. Celebrate all forms of life.
  6. Remember that you are the light of the world. LET YOURSELF SHINE BABY!

I would love to hear about your mom. Share your memories of her with me in the comments below.


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