No matter what part of the country you find yourself in, the locals there have their own list of things that you just don't mess with when you're there. Whether it's food items, landmarks, or something else, you just don't jack with their stuff.

If any of you are unsure what falls into the East Texas category, continue reading.


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    Now, you have to understand, this is one that you don't mess with ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS.  We like our BBQ the way it is.

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    Our Trees

    If you found yourself laughing at this, you might need to check yourself. We like the view of our trees here behind the Pine Curtain, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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    Our Trucks

    Big or little, stock or customized, new or old...You do not mess with our trucks here.

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    Our Texas Pride

    So, this is another one that falls into the "entire state" category. However, in East Texas, there seems to be an even deeper Texas Pride.

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    Our Blue Bell

    After this week, and the entire "Blue Bell Licker" incident that went down, this item should be obvious to the entire world. Someone that wasn't from East Texas came in and violated our Blue Bell. What happened? It went viral all over the, all over the WORLD...until she was found, and it just took a few days. Don't mess with our Blue Bell. Period.