The Delorean is back!  The car made famous by the movie Back To The Future is back in production, right here in Texas, in suburban Houston.


The return of the Delorean is nothing short of a resurrection from the automotive grave yard. The last assembly line that manufactured the Delorean  -- in Northern Ireland of all places --  collapsed in 1982 under a tsunami of legal problems.

The Delorean is famous for its gull-wing doors and stainless steel exterior. Even so, as modernistic and forward looking as it was back then, it wasn't very well known until it was used as a major prop in the blockbuster three-part film series Back to the Future.

"New build" and pre-owned Deloreans are now manufactured and sold in Humble, just north of Houston.  Sticker price on one of the "new build" cars is $57,500.  Pre-owned models go for substantially less, but you know what they always say:  if you have to ask what it costs, you probably can't afford it.

Let's see now.  The "new" Delorean is a leap from the past to the future.  But if we have to go back to the past to get back to the forget it.


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