The 38th Annual Big Bass Splash on Lake Sam Rayburn wrapped up this past Sunday.  Ralph Dupuy of Groves, Texas became the first-ever repeat winner of this tournament with his first-place bass that weighed 11.1 pounds. His grand prize package included a new boat, a new truck, and $10,000 cash.  That's not too shabby for 3 days of fishing for an amateur angler.

The top prize for this past weekend's tournament is valued at about $110,000.  That's pretty much the norm for the grand prize for the Big Bass Splash on Lake Sam Rayburn.  That is unless the year of the tournament is divisible by five  In other words, when the Big Bass Splash is celebrating its 25th or 30th or 35th year, Bob Sealy from Sealy Outdoors likes to raise the guaranteed giveaway of cash and prizes.  We are still two years away from the 40th Annual Big Bass Splash on Lake Sam Rayburn, but when Bob Sealy took to the stage this past Sunday during the awards ceremony, he couldn't help but reveal a number of the details for the tournament that will be held in 2024.

The overall payout of cash and prizes for this past weekend's tourney was $550,000.  In 2024, Sealy Outdoors will more than double that.  The 40th annual is guaranteeing cash and prizes valued at $1.2 million!

Here's how that will break down on some of the giveaways:

  • The top bass each hour will be worth $10,000, up from $2,500 this past weekend. On the T-shirt hours, that means you could double that to $20K!
  • Instead of $5,000, the exact weight payouts will be $10,000 each.
  • The grand prize will include a boat, truck AND $150,000 CASH.

We still have nearly 2 years for this historic 40th annual event to roll around, but with these kind of payouts, you should probably go ahead and make your plans to be at Lake Sam Rayburn in April of 2024, plus think about making reservations in area hotels.

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