To love a pet-lover is to love their pets, too. Whether their little howler has been naughty or nice (or both!) this year, here are a few ideas for brightening their lives this holiday season.

  • OnlineOilPainting on Etsy

    Pet Portrait

    From OilOnlinePainting, $79.99

    The artist offers a variety of "portrait" backgrounds that can be customized based on a photograph you send after you make the purchase. Then, you receive an image to download.

  • Rommydebommy via Etsy

    Dog Biscuit Bow Tie

    From Rommydebommy via Etsy, $30.65

    Could this be the way to ensure your dog-lover gets a great photo of their dog the first time, every time? Rommydebommy offers a variety of bowties shaped like foodstuffs.

  • PetSafe via Amazon

    Laser Dart Toy

    From PetSafe via Amazon, $27.95

    If the dog likes chasing lasers, he or she will LOVE this toy, which can be set for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes of playtime. It also can be set to a variety of speeds and combinations to keep both dog and human entertained.

  • PetPeek via Amazon

    PetPeek Fence Window

    From PetPeek via Amazon, $38.99

    Fido keeps watch from the windows in the house; now he can keep watch from the yard, too.

  • Nordstrom

    Wubba Reversible Pet Bed

    From Nordstrom, $24.99

    The dog can share the sofa without sharing his smell and fur with the sofa.

  • Shelter Pups

    Custom dog plush

    From Shelter Pups, $225 for Christmas delivery, $175 for a gift certificate

    You send a couple photographs and a description of the live dog, and you get a look-alike plush toy; the proceeds support shelters and shelter animals. Some less expensive options are available on Etsy shops, including this one.

  • Divvy Up

    Custom Dog Socks

    From Divvy Up, $30

    Same idea: You upload your dog's photograph and you get custom socks in 2-4 weeks. Available in both men's and women's sizes.

  • Bark Shop

    Bake at Home Birthday Cake

    From Bark Shop, $12

    It's so easy, a dog could do it, according to Bark Shop. Frosting mix is included.

  • Orvis

    ComfortFill Wraparound Dog Bed

    From Orvis, $89-$179

    Maybe the puppers won't take up all the space on the human bed if he has his own bed? Doesn't hurt to try...

  • Furbo

    Furbo Dog Camera

    From Furbo, $249

    You don't have to be home to see, talk to or pop treats to your fur-baby. It can by synched with Alexa and even notify you when it "sees" a person.