This is unbelievable.  Everybody goes off and leaves an important door unlocked now and then, but this one takes the prize.  Somebody forgot to lock the doors of a Wells Fargo bank branch in Sacramento, California over the New Year's weekend.

The bank's front door was unlocked for 48 hours before someone noticed it and called police.


So far, no one’s talking about who’s at fault.  The branch manager showed up with a police officer but declined to talk with reporters.  The Wells Fargo corporate office had no immediate response, but, clearly, someone has some explaining to do.

For obvious reasons banks are known for their security. After all, people bring their money there for safe keeping, and banks are required to have cash reserves on hand for various purposes.  So who would ever think a bank would leave its doors unlocked?

Even more amazing, no one noticed the unlocked door for more than 48 hours.  When bank managers finally did a quick inventory they were relieved to find that nothing was missing.

But that’s not helping with some customers.  They don't find this story amusing at all.  One customer told reporters this is very scary and she's thinking about moving her account to another bank.

Leaving a bank's front door unlocked shouldn't be a big deal.  Bank robbers don't go around after hours looking for unlocked doors, (maybe they will now) and even if they did, banks don't leave money lying around in the open.

Cash is locked in the vault at the end of business every day.  But if someone had left the front door AND the vault unlocked.......that would be a different story, and a very big deal.