It's a new 32-page comic book entitled "Political Power:  Hillary Rodham Clinton". It tells of the behind-the-scenes machinations in Clinton's 2008 presidential run against then-Senator Barack Obama, through his nomination of her as Secretary of State.  It's a sequel to an earlier comic book about Clinton's early life.

This unauthorized full color comic book reads more like a soap opera than a comic book. It's full of down-and-dirty details about two of the most powerful and controversial political figures of our time: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Writer Jerome Maida says it's a fascinating story that digs into how her decision not to run in 2004 helped make Barack Obama a star and how their battle for the Democratic Presidential nomination was so personal Clinton almost rejected the job of Secretary of State, because she saw it as a consolation prize.

Clinton's story could become a trilogy.  Maida says if this book sells well, and he thinks it will, he would love to do a third book about Clinton's decisions as Secretary of State.

via Hillary Clinton, the Comic Book - ABC News.

Bill Clinton is also featured prominently in the book. In one frame, the former president is shown surrounded by three scantily clad women on a big private jet his aides referred to as "Air F**k One."

Bill Clinton's office has not responded to requests for comment about the book.