Everybody knows kids need school supplies, but we don't usually think about their teachers and their needs.  They need supplies too, but the school district isn't always able to provide everything they need. Well take heart, because their friends and neighbors at Angelina Beautiful/Clean are riding to the rescue.


The Lufkin News reports that AB/C is asking the public for help in stocking its Teacher’s Warehouse with supplies for the coming school year. Director Amanda Anderson says the hope is to fill the needs of teachers, so they won't have to spend their own money on equipping their classrooms.

Anderson says it's unfortunate, but teachers are already paying out of their own pockets to buy school supplies for students.  And there are desks, chairs and cabinets that are falling apart in classrooms and need to be replaced with gently used and/or refinished classroom furniture.

Their goal is to stock a storage space provided by Dunagan’s Warehouse in Lufkin with furniture, office supplies and classroom supplies that will be available to Angelina County schools for the entire school year.